Implant Procedure

St. Mary adds new robotic surgical tool
The human hand is an amazing machine of bones, tendons, muscles and thousands of nerve endings that enable it perform tasks as delicate as painting a fingernail or as forceful as hammering spikes into hardwood.

Hearing set to discuss BJC deal
Residents of Commerce and Jackson and Banks counties will have the opportunity today to voice their feelings about the sale of their nonprofit community hospital to a private firm, but few have shown strong feelings about the deal so far.

Editorial: Barrow should give resigned teacher a hearing
The documents filed in Barrow County Superior Court thus far tell only one side of the story of a former high school teacher's resignation. But it's enough of a story to suggest the county school board should honor the teacher's request for a hearing in front of the board, and for back pay covering the time from her resignation until the hearing date, whenever that might come.

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